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History of the Trust


Thomas P George, a native of Kundara, Kollam(Dist),Kerala, India , is the founder President of MGM Charitable Trust. He had formerly been working with Madras Rubber Factory, Kottayam. After retirement in 1983 he was in Gulf countries for 15 years and returned in 1997.

M.G.M Charitable Trust was established in 1997. The Trust is running an Old Age Home named St.Marys Old Age Home for the old people, who crave for love, care and affection.

The Trust decided to start a special School for the Mentally challenged Children in 1998. The object of starting St.Pauls Special School is to impart special education, training and rehabilitation centres to the mentally challenged person who do not get love and care from their parents or from the society and to train them to stand on their own legs.

We have successfully launched a programme named Mental Health International Development (MHID) in 2004 August for the mentally challenged people and for their caretakers.

Our Aim

1. To Provide food and shelter to old people, who crave for love, care and affection.

2. To Provide affection and parental care to the people with mental retardation.

3. To Give tender care and affection to the neglected people of the society.