Our Aim & Vision

1. To Provide food and shelter to old people, who crave for love, care and affection.

2. To Provide affection and parental care to the people with mental retardation.

3. To Give tender care and affection to the neglected people of the society.
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Our Social Units:  St.Marys Old Age Home ,   St.Pauls Mentally Retarded Special School,  Mental Health International Development,  Daya Disabled home for Mentally Challenged.

The M.G.M Charitable Trust, Chittumala, EastKallada P.O, Kollam, Kerala, India is a charitable society bearing Reg.No. Q285/99, is working for the welfare of the old aged and mentally challenged people.

Trust is established for education, cultural, literary and public charitable purposes, establishment and maintenance of orphanages, houses for the infirm, invalid, senior citizens and afflicted, and to render help in all possible way to those affected by famine flood, earthquake, fire or any such other calamity to render all necessary service to poor towards the achievement of moral and material upliftment advancement of culture and literature service of the country for the benefit of the Nation, to develop scientific temper, sense of secularism, the idea of national integration and humanism, spirit of enquiry and reform among the people, to prevent exploitation of the poor and ignorant, to educate them for a scientific out look towards life, to develop process of reason and knowledge to promote harmony and the spirit of common brotherhood.